Hillel in the Community

Tikkun Olam in Hebrew means repairing the world, and at our Hillel, social action drives us to contribute to that mission. We believe that being involved in our community and volunteering is more than simply a generous act, it is our responsibility. This is why we have planned a variety of events for our students to volunteer at this year.

If you are interested in volunteering or proposing a volunteering opportunity, please feel free to contact Jackson Hillman, VP of Social Action.

This Year's Events:

PB&J Brigade
Hillel has recently received a grant from Hands On Tzedakah to create a peanut butter and jelly brigade. Because of this grant, once a month our students will make PB&J sandwiches, pack them in bags with healthy snacks, to then be distributed to a local organization that can make them available to kids in need. Be on the lookout for upcoming dates so you can participate in our brigade!

Keep checking back for other opportunities to get involved this year!

Past Events:

Jacobson Family Food Pantry
The Jacobson Family Food Pantry delivers food every other week free of charge to people experiencing serious financial difficulties. Their mission is to help alleviate the burden of hunger so that those in our community who are experiencing this challenge can direct their efforts towards improving their situation. At the Jacobson Food Pantry, volunteers will be packing food in bags to then be distributed to people in the community. 

Café Europa
At this semi-annual gathering and luncheon, hundreds of local Holocaust survivors gather to socialize, reconnect, and reminisce with other survivors. As volunteers, we guide them to their tables, both at the beginning and the end of the event, dance, and have meaningful conversations with them. This event allows both students and survivors to create connections and share a joyous occasion.

Thanksgiving Banquet
At this annual event on Thanksgiving Day, 700 local residents, who would have otherwise been alone, gather to enjoy a festive Thanksgiving meal. As volunteers, we assist them to and from their buses and around the event, take pictures of them and their friends to keep as a memory, serve them food and drinks, and create meaningful connections with them. This event is a favorite among the community, as there are 300 volunteers that come back every year.

Passover Model Seder
At this annual event, around 250 seniors, who would have otherwise celebrated Passover alone, gather to enjoy a pre-Passover model seder. As volunteers, we sing Passover songs, explain the symbolism of the seder plate, recite prayers in Hebrew, and enjoy the festive atmosphere with the participants. Volunteers come back each year to celebrate Passover with the seniors that they created a connection with the year before.