We are excited to announce that applications are now open for the 2019-2020 student leadership team. You can apply to be either on our student board or be one of our interns. Being part of our leadership team means that you get to create amazing experiences for students on campus.

Applications are now closed. If you have any questions please contact Greg Yellin at greg@hillelcenter.org.

Executive Board


  • Must attend at least two programs a month

  • Must attend at least one Shabbat dinners at Hillel per month

  • Recruit and Lead a committee of their peers

  • Attend weekly executive board meetings

  • Attend mandatory leadership day (April 28th)

  • Attend mandatory leadership retreat (Early August)



  • Hold executive board meetings on a weekly basis and develop the agenda for these meetings in consultation with the appropriate staff member

  • Oversee the timeliness of room reservations, food waivers, and any other campus forms for Hillel programs

  • Serve as the lead student representative for Hillel at FAU, including representation at: community meetings and events and attendance of all COSO President meetings

  • Develop measurable goals and vision for the overall student board

  • Develop and oversee measurable goals for each member of the Executive Board

  • Meet with the staff member overseeing the student board once a week

  • Deal with any conflict between board members or representatives

vice president of programming

  • Responsible for planning and executing of welcome week programming in collaboration with welcome week chair

  • Plan Blue & White in collaboration with Blue & White program chair

  • Collaborate with Freshman engagement interns on FreshFest

  • To plan one additional smaller scale social program per semester as needed


vice president of engagement & organizational outreach

  • Serve as liaison between student board & Engagement interns

  • In charge of reaching out to other student organizations for collaboration and co-sponsorship

  • Responsible for booking tables and rooms on campus for any programs outside the building

vice president of jewish education & holidays

  • Work in collaboration with Rabbi on The Weekly Dish

  • Plan, recruit for, and execute Jewish Learning Fellowship with Rabbi

  • Responsible for working with holiday committee on planning all holiday related programs


Vice president of shabbat

  • Construct and oversee a committee that plans all Shabbat themes and activities, as well as set up and clean up for Shabbat

  • Recruit and lead a committee that will plan Final Shabbat


  • Oversee OFI executive student board

  • Work in collaboration with Israel Fellow on all Israel programming

  • Meet with and strategize with OWLPAC liaison on any political programming



All Interns are required to table at least once a week with a staff member. Tabling schedules will be assigned upon class schedules being distributed to each intern’s supervisor. Additionally, interns will have supervision with a staff member 2x per month and attend intern meetings 2x per month.

All Interns are required to attend leadership training retreats with the student board. If hired, the first training will be Sunday April 28th.



  • Responsible for planning freshman engagement programs during move-in day

  • Plan dorm programs for Freshman and transfer students

  • Recruit for and plan Freshfest in collaboration with VP of Programming

  • Table for Hillel programs once a week


  • Work with Israel Engagement Coordinator on Birthright engagement strategies

  • Table for Birthright during recruitment season minimum 2x per week

  • Responsible for planning reunions with Israel Engagement Coordinator for when groups return



  • Responsible for planning monthly tabling events related to Social Action

  • Must assist in planning & recruiting for Alternative Spring Break

  • Organize other immersive experiences and projects with Repair the World in Miami

  • Plan three volunteer opportunities in the South Palm Beach community over the course of the year

  • Table for Hillel programs once per week


  • Responsible for helping create social media content (videos, flyers, contests)

  • Work on finding new and innovative ideas to get the word out on campus about Hillel.

  • Along with staff members, responsible for coordinating when interns will be tabling

  • Table for Hillel programs once per week


Greek Life Interns (2 interns)

  • One male and one female intern to host mixers for Jews in Greek Life

  • Responsible for planning two Greek Shabbat dinners (1 per semester)

  • Responsible for planning two Greek Holiday programs (1 per semester)

  • Will work towards recruiting one full bus of Greek students for summer Birthright trip

  • Table for Hillel programs once per week

Ruderman Ambassador (2 Interns)

  • Ambassadors will create and implement programs which will help build awareness of disability inclusion  in our Hillel community, and on campus as well- and provide opportunities to include all students in Jewish life

  • Ruderman ambassadors will work with the rest of the engagement cohort on creating a strategic plan to engage students with disabilities, and will take selected students out on coffee dates and help connect them in a meaningful way to Hillel

  • Ambassadors will address practical barriers to participation in Hillel, as well as engage our community in a greater conversation about what social, spiritual, and cultural decisions we are making that can ensure that Hillel is inclusive to all students.